FAQ – FQME memberships 


Q: I bought my annual membership today, but haven’t received my virtual membership card yet. Is that normal?
A: Yes. Annual memberships can take up to 5 business days to process. Until you receive your card, you can use your PayPal receipt as proof of payment for your membership. Note that only FQME members with the Mountain Pass option are allowed to climb on FQME sites without paying for a day pass.


Q: I made a mistake when I entered the information for my card. What do I do?
A: You can email communaute@fqme.qc.ca to request changes to your card at any time. Until the change has been processed, you can use your PayPal receipt as proof of payment.


Q: I have a base membership, but I want to add an option to my account. How do I do that?

If you’ve already purchased your annual membership but want to add an option, follow the links below.

  • Click here to add the Mountain Pass option: https://fqme.qc.ca/product/option-montagne/
  • Click here to add the Mountain Skiing option: https://fqme.qc.ca/product/option-ski/
  • Click here to add the Club option: https://fqme.qc.ca/option-club
  • Click here to add the Pro option: https://fqme.qc.ca/product/option-brevete/
  • Once you’ve paid, send your receipt to communaute@fqme.qc.ca to have the option added to your file.
  • We will send you a new membership card with the new option(s) within 5 business days.

NOTE: You can purchase more than one option at a time if you want to buy one for your partner. However, make sure to add their membership number to your email to make sure that the addition is valid.


Q: Can I request a refund for my membership?

A: Memberships can only be refunded if there was a mistake during the subscription process and you inform us within 24 hours. If this is the case, please email fqme@fqme.qc.ca with your PayPal invoice number, the total amount to be refunded, and the reason for your request. For all other questions about our refund policy, click HERE.


Q: What are the options used for?
A: Click the “Advantages and Options” button on this page to learn more: www.fqme.qc.ca/membership.

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